We are looking for full time modelers / detailers to read and understand drawings, determine areas on the drawings that require RFI's or additional
information, model projects in SDS/2, and detail members in the 2-D drawings editor to join our team. Excellent benefits, great location, pay based on your

Duties include preparation of the following documents:Embedded Steel - Anchor bolt setting plans, lintel erection plans, and assoc. sections. Fabrication
drawings for anchor bolts, lintels, bearing plates, sill angles, bond angles, and pipe bollards.Steel erection plans, elevations and section details. Shop
fabrication Drawings for columns, beams, girts, jambs, horizontal and vertical bracing, trusses, sag rods, roof opening frames, and finish angles and plates.  
Bolt summary lists. Advance Bill of materials

Required Skills:  Excellent math, visualization, & problem solving skills, able to read and interpret Design drawings, good computer skills, working knowledge
of AutoCAD and MS Office, working knowledge of structural steel materials (W, S, & M shapes, channels, angles, ect.), min 2 year degree in a structural
engineering related program or 2 years experience in the steel detailing/design industry.

Join us and be part of our team. Thank you for your interest!
"Shaping The World For New Generation"
                3806 Beverly Blvd. Ste. 209  Los Angeles, CA 90004  
                             Tel#213-291-3283  Fax#213-291-3343
"Shaping The World For New Generation"
3806 Beverly Blvd. Suite 209  Los Angeles, California 90004                               Tel# 213-291-3283   Fax# 213-291-3343        

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