L.A. Structural Steel Engineering is a full service Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Detailing firm. We are committed
to provide Accurate, Efficient and Quality details in Commercial and Industrial sectors. Our strong reputation for
excellence and integrity for quality, reliability and maintaining the project schedules can be seen in our projects and
through our long-term relationships with fabricating companies.

We are using the latest  3d technologies to successfully complete steel structures. Our employees are dedicated
individuals with many years of experience in the detailing industry, As a result, all our practices meets AISC, Engineers,
Architects and Steel Industry Standards. However, we also make every effort to cater to the Fabricator's Standard as well.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact us if we can be of assistance with your next project.  We
handle projects of all sizes and complexity with our commitment "Accurate, Efficient and Quality details "
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Structural  steel  is  one  of  the  basic  materials commonly used in structures, such as industrial and commercial  buildings,  bridges,  and  piers.  It  is  produced in a wide
range of shapes and grades, which permits great flexibility in its usage. It is relatively inexpensive to manufacture and is the strongest and most versatile material available
to the construction industry.
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